“Butt and Robertson play off each other incredibly well – we could watch the two of them all day.”

Bill harris, Toronto sun

She  has  more  problems than  he  has  solutions

Millie Upton is a wildly successful children's book author with a few emotional issues. A big kid herself, Millie can't seem to keep her inside voice … inside. She says what she thinks no matter who she's talking to, which makes her a stellar candidate for lawsuits.

When she meets Stan Dirko, a life coach with a huge heart and no training, she's sure he can get a handle on her "hiccups." His ideas are big, but it's the blind leading the blind on Millie's endless series of misadventures and misdemeanors.

Millie's world wouldn't be complete without Joyce, her publisher, who fails miserably at controlling Millie's mishaps and her slick but useless agent, Taylor, is too self-centred to worry about them at all. Behind the scenes, Crystal, Joyce's spoiled receptionist manages to egg Millie on, while Stan's wide-eyed wife, Anna does her best to support his impractical dream of becoming a life coach — whatever that is.