“Butt and Robertson are great together”

Denis Dugay, Montreal Gazette

Season One


Hiccups is the story of Millie Upton, a children's book author who is wildly successful, internationally popular, and just a little bit nuts.

Season Two


Season One | Episode One

Millie, Meet Stan

Written by Brent Butt Directed by David Storey

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After causing a public disturbance at a coffee shop, Millie Upton seeks out help from Stan Dirko, an inexperienced but enthusiastic life coach. In spite of his ineptitude, Stan manages to gain Millie's trust as a client. Meanwhile, Joyce, a work associate of Millie's, threatens to cancel an important event unless Millie finds the help she needs.

Season One | Episode Two

Strata's Fear

Written by Brent Butt Directed by Robert de Lint

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Stan comes to Millie's aid when she gets in trouble with her condo council. At Haddison House, Joyce promises to look at some of Taylor's clients if he promises to find someone to fix her dying plants.

Season One | Episode Three

Office Clothes

Written by Brent Butt Directed by David Storey

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Millie wreaks havoc on Haddison House when Joyce makes her work in the office until her latest manuscript is finished. Stan enlists Taylor's help in proving to Anna that he has good fashion sense.

Season One | Episode Four

Speed Ball

Written by Dylan Wertz Directed by David Storey

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Stan helps Millie expand her social circle by introducing her to speed dating but Millie takes the "7 minute date" concept to a whole new level. Joyce and Crystal can't decide on the budget when they throw a party at Haddison House.

Season One | Episode Five

Hot Luv

Written by Andrew Carr Directed by James Dunnison

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Stan is concerned with Millie's competitiveness when she and Taylor go head to head in a hot food eating rivalry. Meanwhile, Joyce, who isn't a good judge of fantasy-romance manuscripts, passes the job of picking their next book over to Crystal – a self-proclaimed expert in the genre.

Season One | Episode Six

Carry On Camping

Written by Chris Finn Directed by David Storey

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Joyce books Millie on her favourite daytime talk show but soon regrets her decision when Millie speaks before thinking. Much to Anna's chagrin, Stan takes her on a camping trip where she has to deal with Stan's lack of wilderness skills.

Season One | Episode Seven

Thanks For Nuttin

Written by Andrew Carr Directed by David Storey

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Millie becomes disillusioned after not being thanked for returning a lost wallet and Stan tries to convince her that doing a good deed is its own reward. Over at Haddison House, Crystal stocks up on Joyce's favourite snack to prevent her from turning into a total witch and Taylor wrangles Anna into helping him buy a bobblehead online.

Season One | Episode Eight

Watch and Learn

Written by Brent Butt Directed by Brent Butt

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When Millie hires Crystal to re-decorate her condo she gets into another tiff with her neighbour Lewis and vows to beat him at his own persnickety game. Stan attempts to help Joyce with one of her issues in order to prove that he's capable of being Millie's life coach.

Season One | Episode Nine

Hippy Anniversary

Written by David Moses Directed by Carl Bessai

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Stan is in the doghouse with Anna after refusing to accept an extravagant anniversary gift from Millie. Meanwhile, Joyce and Taylor have to deal with a head shop that's selling illegal Grumpaloo merchandise and Crystal is up to her neck in Millie's fan mail.

Season One | Episode ten

Model Patient

Written by Dylan Wertz & David Moses
Directed by David Storey

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Taylor is having some personal issues so Millie happily recommends that he see Stan. But she soon realizes that the more time Stan spends with Taylor the less he spends with her. Joyce has to find a model for an upcoming book cover and her choice to use Anna does not sit well with Crystal.

Season One | Episode Eleven

Autograph Hound

Written by Dan Redican Directed by Robert De Lint

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Stan accompanies Millie on a mission to give a young fan an autograph. Joyce and Taylor negotiate Millie's contract, and Anna and Crystal see this as a golden opportunity to mess with Taylor's head.

Season One | Episode Twelve

Dream Gig

Written by Dylan Wertz Directed by James Dunnison

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Stan attempts to analyze Millie's dreams but he grows concerned when they depict him in a negative light. Joyce is nervous when Taylor signs her uncle to be the first client at his new talent agency.

Season One | Episode thirteen

You Schmooze, You Lose

Written by Andrew Carr Directed by Brent Butt

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Stan tries to teach Millie how to be successful at losing when she's nominated for a Literary Award. Taylor shows Joyce a thing or two about schmoozing a potential client while Anna and Crystal spend the evening over-embellishing stories about their lives to strangers.