Brent Butt is living his dream

May 24th 2011

Brent Butt feels like an NHL player.

Without the skating, bodychecking, concussions and inexplicable refereeing, that is.

Brent Butt talks Hiccups

May 24th 2011

For most people, hiccups are something they cannot wait to get rid of. All kinds of remedies exist — being frightened, holding your breath, drinking water backwards, standing on your head — but Brent Butt is pleased that, so far, CTV hasn't tried any of them.

CTV's Hiccups and Dan for Mayor Debut with 1.9 Million Viewers Each

March 2nd 2010

CTV's newest homegrown comedies, HICCUPS and DAN FOR MAYOR, premiered to 1.9 million viewers each last night, becoming the most watched premieres of any scripted Canadian series this season.

Moving forward with nary a Hiccup

March 1st 2010

Brent Butt was sporting a cast on his left arm as he directed an episode of his new sitcom Hiccups last fall at a Hotel Vancouver ballroom. The actor-director-writer had been watching a football game at home the previous weekend, and meant to run upstairs...

Life after 'Gas'

March 1st 2010

"I am aware that everyone will use Corner Gas as a yardstick, and I know that would naturally happen," Butt says on the line from Vancouver, where he's putting the finishing post-production touches on the last of 13 episodes. "The characters are different, the setting is different...

Corner Gas star refuels with new supporting cast

March 1st 2010

The last time Brent Butt created a TV series, he launched an ensemble of players into six years of regular series work and beyond. Corner Gas made us all higher profile," says Nancy Robertson, who met and married costar Butt...

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